Craft and publish beautiful websites

About Tarbell

Tarbell makes it simple to put your work on the web, whether you’re a team of one or a dozen. With Tarbell, you can collaboratively build beautiful websites and publish them with ease.

Tarbell makes use of familiar, flexible tools to take the magic (and frustration) out of publishing to the web. Google spreadsheets handle content management, so changes to your stories are easy to make without touching a line of code. Step-by-step prompts help you set up and configure your project, so that publishing it is a breeze.

The latest version of Tarbell is 1.0.5 (released Feb. 22, 2016).


Tarbell was created by the Chicago Tribune News Applications Team and is maintained by her contributors.

Install Tarbell

On most operating systems, just run:

pip install tarbell

You may need to run this command as root, e.g. sudo pip install tarbell.

Create a new project

tarbell newproject

You will be asked to set up Tarbell the first time you run a Tarbell command.

Once your project is created, run a preview server:

tarbell switch projectname

Visit in your browser to preview your project.